Creatively Driven, Led by makers,
informed by culture and guided by technology.

Positioned at the intersection of content, advertising, & technology, Our team of directors, photographers, artists, designers, animators, producers and developers creates engaging content using various disciplines across multiple platforms.

As part of Industrial Color Click3X brings a wealth of new resources, including shooting stages, to New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia.

Our Services

  • Directors &

    • Leveraging our relationships with some of the best content creators, we tap into an arsenal of filmmakers, photographers, animators, designers and artists - assembling the perfect, potent teams to deliver on the creative, media and audience.
  • Beauty &

    • Shoot, retouch and color.
  • Food &

    • Great tabletop directors and food-friendly shooting stages on both coasts plus Dallas, we create great food/tabletop experiences for both commercials and content
  • Design, VFX &

    • Motion Graphics, 3D, Traditional Animation, CGI, VFX
  • Micro

    • Built to create great content economically and at scale while compressing the gap between thinking & making
  • Video

    • Content Production: Live Action, 360°/VR, Post Production, Edit, Color, Finish, Retouch
  • Post

    • Edit, Color, Finish, Retouch, VFX
  • Digital

    • Live Streaming (FacebookLive, Periscope.) shopable videos, personalized and customized video, 360°/VR, experiential, social, apps and web.

OurSister Companies

As part of Industrial Color we can call on our sister companies for a unique set of skills and talents

    • Photography & eCommerce Photoagraphy, Video Studios/Production, Post Production & CG Services, Product Visual Customization, Creative Asset Management, New Media: AR & VR
    • Photo & Video Studios Digital, EQ Rental, Locations, Events
    • Web-based & Mobile SaaS Platform, Photo/Video/PDF/Adobe CS, Creative Review & Approval, Talent Approval, File Sharing & Distribution, Digital Archive