Creatively Driven, Led by makers,
informed by culture and guided by technology.

Positioned at the intersection of content, advertising, & technology, Our team of directors, photographers, artists, designers, animators, producers and developers creates engaging content using various disciplines across multiple platforms.

Industrial Color brings a wealth of new resources, including shooting stages, to New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Dallas.

Our Services

  • Directors &

    • Leveraging our relationships with some of the best content creators, we tap into an arsenal of filmmakers, photographers, animators, designers and artists - assembling the perfect, potent teams to deliver on the creative, media and audience.
  • Beauty &

    • Shoot, retouch and color.
  • Food &

    • Great tabletop directors and food-friendly shooting stages on both coasts plus Dallas, we create great food/tabletop experiences for both commercials and content
  • Design, VFX &

    • Motion Graphics, 3D, Traditional Animation, CGI, VFX
  • Micro

    • Built to create great content economically and at scale while compressing the gap between thinking & making
  • Video

    • Content Production, Live Action, 360°/VR
  • Post

    • Edit, VFX Color, Finish & Retouch
  • Digital

    • Live Streaming (FacebookLive, Periscope.) shopable videos, personalized and customized video, 360°/VR, experiential, social, apps and web.


We are part of CoCreativ which gives us our own studios and equipment in NYC, Chicago, LA, Philadelphia and Dallas

New York City
New York City
New York City
Los Angeles
Los Angeles
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