We create compelling content.

Click 3X is a digital content studio. We integrate video and digital production to create compelling unique experiences.

Click 3X is really a family of companies:

  • Click 3X

    is the parent and is also our video post, VFX and CGI company.

  • Cultivate

    is our live action production company partner representing a dozen terrific directors from here and around the world.

  • ClickFire Media

    is our digital production agency, executing for the Web, social, mobile – even experiential.

  • Stoked.

    is our motion graphics design partner.

Our History.

  • 1993


    Click 3X was founded in 1993 with 6 staff in the same location on 22nd St that we are today.

  • 4


    Since then Click has added a digital production studio ClickFire Media, the design collective Stoked and a live action and animation director division X3.

  • 50


    Now numbering over 50 employees, artists, producers, directors and technologists, we specialize in integrating all the disciplines – live action, design, VFX, animation, editorial, digital, social and mobile so that each project can utilize all these capabilities seamlessly and cost-effectively.

  • 23k


    Our 23,000 foot state-of-the-art studio includes multiple client suites and a sound stage, staffed and fully equipped with cameras and lights.

Click 3X Capabilites

  • Click 3X

    • Creative editorial
    • Color
    • VFX
    • CGI and Animation
  • Cultivate

    • Live action production
    • VR & 360° production
    • Animation & design directors
    • Stop motion animation
    • Video Content
    • Fully-equipped sound stage with RED camera, lighting, grip etc. & in-house photographer
  • Clickfire Media

    • Web
    • Social
    • Mobile
    • Experiential
    • Unique applications
    • UX
    • Design
    • Development
  • Stoked.

    • Design
    • Motion graphics
    • Animation
  • Beyondtheplay

    • 4 distinct digital video technologies:
    • VR integration into the Web, Oculus, IOS & YouTube
    • “Shoppable” mobile-first video
    • Customized video
    • GLIF™ - hashtag-generated custom video in Twitter