A collaborative of food centric professionals working together to meet the content needs of agency and food industry clients. By bundling an array of services within our network, we are able to maintain the same high quality content while streamlining brand authenticity through platforms, and at a lower cost. We work nationwide to accommodate our clients' shoot needs and location.


The directors & makers

Vittorio Sacco and Stephen Hamilton are world renowned food and tabletop director/DP’s. They combine decades of experience in both motion and stills, working at our studios in NY, LA, Dallas and Philadelphia and collaborating with our vaunted post production and CGI capabilities.


Our Services


  • Food

    • A team of experienced Food Stylists are available to make food and beverages look their absolute best. Stylists will source ingredients, cook on location, and style on set, in order to bring the culinary narrative to life.

    • When it comes to executing a photo or video shoot, an experienced and savvy Producer is critical to understanding the unique needs of producing a food shoot, keeping the entire team on track, all while staying on budget.
  • Prop &

    • A diverse team of set and tabletop prop designers who can find the perfect plate, build and source surfaces and backgrounds, and construct a beautiful set kitchen.
  • Recipe

    • A good recipe-- one that home cooks will return to again and again-- must be well written, understandable, and produce delicious results, every time. A skilled Recipe Developer is key to producing recipes that are original and thoroughly tested. Recipes which will lead the consumer back to your brand-- whether in print or online. We also have extensive experience in developing recipes for B2B clients.
  • Copywriting
    & Food Content

    • The creation of a compelling food narrative can often require more than beautiful images-- and this is where our team of seasoned Writers comes in to play. Our writers understand that good food copy is really good storytelling. With a diverse group of writers available-- from cookbook authors to a former Senate speech writer-- there is a writer with the perfect voice for telling a brand's food story.
  • Social Media
    Calendar Planning

    • The most beautiful images, lip-smacking recipes, or compelling food copy is nothing if it is not shared in a thoughtful manner. Social Media Strategists will help create seasonal, on-trend, and client demographic appropriate content. From creating calendars, to acquiring stock licensing, and making suggestions for original content, the Social Media Strategists will work to grow your audience and keep your followers engaged.


We are part of CoCreativ which gives us our own studios and equipment in NYC, LA, Philadelphia and Dallas

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