General Motors

About Our Company

Mccann Detroit approached us to collaborate on the imagination of the new look website. This exciting brief challenged our team to concept, design and develop the new look "About Our Company" section of site that would inspire the new website's look and feel. Our goal was to visually enhance an information-heavy experience, to ultimately tell a more engaging and interactive story across desktop, tablet and mobile platforms. 

During our R&D phase our team created animated prototypes and used a creative prototyping technique called "video-lization" to communicate and bring to life our creative vision. We also created a series of customized SVG animations to visually communicate important GM brand values such as "Our Company", "Our People", "Our Brands", and "Our Commitment". 

From a Technology standpoint our team formulated development solutions that enhanced the overall user experience across various devices and browsers. To prevent conflict with the existing GM codebase, the technology team wrote a custom-tailored mobile-first framework utilizing CSS3 animations and transforms in combination with scroll-controlled features and SVG graphics. 

The result is a seamless experience delighting the user as they scroll, revealing eye-catching animations to carry the dialog of GM’s story and further establish their reputation as trend-setters in their industry.

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