Iris Warriors

Which Warrior Are You?

Iris Warriors is many things – a film, a ballet, a book, but above and beyond everything else, it is a creation myth about the birth of color.  

We were tasked by our client, Donroy Entertainment, to create an engaging online experience to help generate buzz around Iris Warriors, while giving them a tool to build an audience in the social space around the question, “Which warrior are you?"

Our main challenge was that the film had not been shot, so we needed an experiential way to illustrate this abstract concept with no media assets. 

Our solution was binary. By breaking down each chapter of the story to its core meaning, we were then able to bring this essence to life visually using code. Combined together, they formed a beautiful storytelling technique. 

Prior to allowing users to experience the story, we gave them the opportunity to learn about the different characters in the film, and choose a warrior that suits them best. 

After choosing their warriors and providing minimal user data, they are then plotted using google maps, allowing our clients to not only geo-target their audience, but also market to them based on their chosen warrior. These warriors become a user's social identity while they navigate throughout the digital experience.

The Iris Warriors film is currently in production and is scheduled to premiere in early 2017, but we’ve given Donroy Entertainment a head start to building an audience with an engaging online experience and powerful marketing tool.

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