Jo Malone

London Lark: Go On a Virtual Tour of the Fashion Capitals of the World

Jo Malone engaged our development team for their second largest commercial campaign of the year. We were tasked with creating a seamless, mobile-first digital experience, in support of the Jo Malone annual new fragrance launch.

Our team of developers created an experience that works flawlessly across multiple platforms including mobile, desktop and in-app browser experiences for both Facebook and Twitter. The site was translated in more than 10 languages and offered social login support for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Weibo. We were also able to detect sample availability across multiple markets, allowing users to request free samples where possible.

The “London Lark” allowed users to create custom avatars; choosing body type, facial features, outfits, and multiple accessories, ultimately choosing a famous London landmark as the backdrop, and sharing the custom image on social media. Custom assets were then aggregated in a gallery, ultimately showcasing the worldwide reach of the London Lark campaign.

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